MINDBODY Scheduling Software Review


If you run a business, you surely understand how tedious scheduling your clients is. You want everyone to get the appointment time they want so you do not lose out any customers without overworking yourself. With so many advances in technology nowadays, it is not necessary to do all your scheduling by hand. This is where scheduling software comes into play.


MINDBODY allows clients to schedule their appointments online without having to call or walk into the business. Their appointment is directly added to the appointments calendar. However, this does not mean it is primarily used for online pre-scheduling. Staff inside an office can also use MINDBODY to schedule appointments. All appointments are added to a business calendar which can be seen by all employees.

Each employee is assigned a color on the calendar so there is utmost transparency as to who made the appointment. Clients can use the software themselves to create one-time or recurring appointments. Furthermore, if clients are interested in a specific time that is not available, they can be added to a waitlist and automatically notified if the time slot becomes available.

Some features are:

● Waitlists
● Reminder emails
● Payment processing
● Employee management
● Payroll
● Automatic recurring billing
● Marketing tools
● Client and Employee Profiles
● Notes
● App for staff and clients
● Promos through the software


This software has been made to target specific types of businesses such as gyms, spas, salons and other businesses offering specialized services. It also allows businesses to use MINDBODY to share promotions and other offers with their clients.

Unlike other scheduling services on the market, MINDBODY allows businesses to add descriptions of the thing (class, service) that clients are scheduling appointments for. It also creates an automatic payroll based on the number of appointments/classes an employee has booked.


The software is a little more expensive than other software on the market. Also, it was rated a little lower than average by administrators who use scheduling software.

Lastly, because it is specialized for health and beauty businesses, it is not suitable for everyone. This makes it difficult for other businesses who are attempting to use the software.


There are four tiers of MINDBODY membership.

1. Starter – This costs $75 per month. It is for small-sized business only looking to organize their business.

2. Pro – Pro costs $125 per month. Businesses use this to schedule and understand the inner workings of their business statistically.

3. Accelerate – This costs $195 a month. It is for businesses who want to boost their income and make sure their customers are recurring.

4. Ultimate – The last tier is Ultimate, which costs nearly $300 a month. It even gives your clients the opportunity to schedule with your custom-made app.


If you are thinking about purchasing MINDBODY for your business, there are a things you must consider. What size is your business and what purpose are you purchasing MINDBODY for? These answers will heavily influence your decision. Furthermore, MINDBODY does not require a contract to purchase. If you try it out but do not like it, you can always discontinue the service.