2 of the Best Free Employee Scheduling Software


With each day your business grows, you hire more employees. Over time, the unrewarding job of employee scheduling gets complex. When you started your business, you may have had about 2-5 employees; then it grew to 10, now 25, and soon you expect it to be around 50.

Before, you could have managed it easily with Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheet. Maintaining a standard schedule where you need to place every employee in the right shifts for them to keep them happy and boost productivity, avoiding conflicts like overlapping shifts, saving labor costs, managing better timesheets and payrolls for them – how is that working out now, having more than 25 employees?

If you think it’s time to make some changes and reduce the complexities, then I suggest you use some of the best free employee scheduling software out there.

Nowadays, there are many employee scheduling software available in the market for the SMEs to choose from. Some of them are costly while a few are offering their services for free. For this list, we will be excluding the ones who offer free services for just 3-5 employees (like FindMyShift, Shift Status, ClockIt, etc.) and focus on those whose services can actually be beneficial for most companies.

1. When I Work

Starting out with the most popular choice, When I Work offers high-quality service to those looking for reliable Employee Scheduling software. Their free service is limited to 75 employees, meaning you are pretty much sorted out as long as you are a standard mid-level company.

You can also manage multiple job sites, or if you have two different businesses with total employees not more than 75, then you can manage them also from only one account. When I Work has features like Schedule Builder, Timeclock, Group Message etc. Schedule builder has drag-and-drop feature along with availability indicator for employees.

Avoid conflict with the built-in checks and publish the Schedule with ease in less time than before. Shift swapping is also possible here. Timeclock helps you to manage better timesheets and payrolls for employees (manages their time-offs too). The group message feature is also very helpful and then you have the android and ios app versions available as well to manage your schedules beyond the desk.

2. Sling

Sling offers its services for free and for unlimited employees. It has four features – Shifts, Tasks, Message, Newsfeed. The Shift feature has drag-and-drop copy ability for ease. With the availability and time-off request checks, it will prevent conflicts from occurring and notify you about them.

Tasks let you set daily goals and to-dos for you and your employees. The Message option ties your employees together and you can also reach to individual ones as well. The Newsfeed option can help you organise and post news and notices related to your business at one place. They have their own android and ios apps too.

The ones discussed above are the best services you can think off. There are also other free software vendors like Homebase, ABC Roster, DRoster, etc and they are worthy of checking out as well.