Best Appointment Scheduling Software List


Scheduling is an important time management tool for every executive. What better way to handle scheduling than letting a computer do it for you. Various software are available for effective time management, but which one is the best for you and what makes them outstanding? Choosing the best software can be confusing, but with a little help, it gets easy.

1. Acuity Scheduling

Pros: It is the best appointment scheduling software today. When doing business involves setting aside time to see various individuals and receiving payments from them, Acuity does it all for you. Using Acuity, the client can see your availability, request a session with you, and make payments using PayPal in case there’s a consultation fee. If for some reason, the client gets busy, he can reschedule the appointment or even cancel the order, all without your involvement.

Cost: To get started, one needs to pay just $10 a month.

Cons: Apart from the inability to place multiple calendars on one account, it is hard to find any flaw with Acuity Scheduling.


Pros: It is easy to use and integrates with other online tools; Google Calendar, Facebook, and even the company’s website. It works on the principle that the customer is the boss. The client books an appointment, and a notification is sent informing him of the availability of the service at that time. A dedicated function that allows Payments in advance comes standard.

Cost: It is affordable, and at just $9.90, one can get started with a month’s subscription.

Cons: A customer scheduling a meeting and being notified of its unavailability over and over can be frustrating and may lead to loss of clients. Also, customers might not receive confirmatory notification concerning their appointments, leading to confusion.

3. Appointy

Pros: Its selling point is its simplicity. Appointments are made on the web and reminders via mail and text messages.

Cost: It starts at a monthly cost of $19.99.

Cons: Customizing the list of events is not possible.

4. Flash Appointment

Pros: It comes with a wide variety of features for both the large scale and retail user. This makes it quite favorite for large institutions.

Cost: It comes at just $10 a month.

5. MyTime

Pros: It is designed for businesses with a physical presence in different locations. It ensures efficient information sharing between branches on schedule management, hence suitable for multinationals. Also, one can easily observe the scheduling progress of different branches at once.

Cons: For small businesses, the intense integration process is confusing and unnecessary.

6. Time Trade

Pros: Time Trade is a fusion of both old school and digital age technology. Scheduling is done by reaching the customer both online and via phone. It is quite handy in scenarios where the target customers do not have access to the internet.

Cons: Complete automation is not possible as an individual has to call the clients reachable via mobile phones.

Cost: Price starts at $50 per year.

7. Pulse 24/7

Pros: It is meant for small businesses in the service industry. Scheduling is done on the internet and mobile phones. Also, the payment package is integrated into the scheduler.

Cost: Price per month is $9.95, quite a bargain.

Cons: It is not suitable for large companies as it becomes hectic to schedule and manage a large number of appointments.

8. Veribook

Pros: It is made for small businesses, scheduling is done online improving efficiency.

Cost: It comes with a relatively hefty price tag of $15.

Cons: Poor interconnectivity with other online tools including Google Calendar and Facebook.

9. Setmore

Pros: Its major selling point is the ability of the customer to order online even when the business is closed, this reduces lost business opportunities.

Cost: It comes with a base price of $10.

Cons: One has to pay much more to get abilities to synchronize with Google Calendar.

10. Calendly

Pros: It is a minimalistic approach. Once booking is done, no reminders and unnecessary communication are done, which saves time.

Cost: $11 per month.

Cons: Lack of reminders leads to missed appointments.

It can be confusing to pick the best scheduling software for your needs, but by realizing your business’s requirements and picking from this top software list, you will not go wrong.