Deputy Employee Scheduling Software Review


Deputy supports employers in scheduling, timesheets, tasking, and communicating with their employees. It is a cloud-based solution with mobile apps and payroll integration. It is suitable for organizations with five or more employees.

Deputy’s functions consist of tasks, schedule, timesheets, and reports that are displayed on the home screen. Employers can enter details of employees and location either manually when creating an account, or upload data from payroll services. One can upload multiple locations for a business from a single location.


Once the data is uploaded, the employer can perform various tasks. The ultimate purpose is to schedule employees at different locations. The employer can select any particular location from the drop-down box and then drag and drop the schedule to a particular employee. Notifications about shifts can be sent to the employees via email, SMS or push notifications. The employer can also estimate shift cost and statistically analyze wages against expected sales.


The manager can also assign particular tasks to the employees on Deputy. The employee will be notified of the task immediately. Once the task is completed, the manager can get notified of the same. If a particular employee is unavailable for a shift, or calls in sick, the manager can assign the same task to a different employee. This will be sent as a request, which the employee can accept or reject. If the employee accepts the request, then the task is assigned to the particular employee.


Timesheet and Payroll integration becomes easier for the employer with Deputy. The employer can capture the start and end of employee shifts using Deputy Mobile Geolocation service or Deputy Kiosks with facial recognition capabilities. The time sheets are then generated. These once approved by the managers can be exported to the preferred payroll platform. The Deputy integrates with many payroll packages like ADP, Xero, Gusto, WageEasy, and MYOB.

Reports and Overtime

In addition to general payroll, Deputy also calculates the cost of overtime work, penalty rate, salary for working a particular shift according to the local laws, or the employer-employee workplace agreements. The employer may also choose to consider the stress levels of employees. The overtime feature will track this. All these data help employers to generate dynamic reports for tracking budgets, timesheet costs, sales transactions and employee variables. These reports keep business on track.


Deputy helps managers track various locations from a single place. The manager can post for his employees and start a conversation by allowing the employees to comment on the posts. The manager can also request for confirmation as read by all the employees. The manager can easily add new employees and new locations. The manager can also track trained and qualified employees, which will help in allocating resources based on skills.

Employee Benefits

With Deputy, the employees get a login ID from which they can manage their timesheets and schedules. The employees can accept shifts, assess timesheets and manage leave. If the manager allows, employees can also swap shifts with each other.

Deputy is wonderful for business scheduling purpose; supports employers and the employees also get to work on their schedule. But a minor downside is that the app and websites are available only in English.