Employee Scheduling Software Features and Benefits


Regardless of the size of your business whether small, medium or large, the importance of efficiency and proper time management can never be underestimated. In fact, with the use of an appropriate employee scheduling software, the output could just be beyond what you can imagine. Let’s look at some features of employee scheduling software.

Some Notable Features

· Automated Scheduling – Once the software is installed, the manager will not have to physically do everything as the system will automatically do it. For example, the software can have the best employee assigned for a particular task.

· There is Room for Integration – You can always use your PC or even a mobile device in exporting payroll information to other service platforms like SurePayroll and Paycheck. It means that there is always a possibility of sharing your information with a third party.

· Mobility – This works well for the case of cloud-based operation. It enables viewing your schedules as well as employee information no matter where you are. Additionally, one may also make requests or respond to requests even if away or late for work.

· Time-block Editor makes it possible to manage all your employees on the go.

· Schedule Templates – which you can use as system defaults or even as the base from which your customized schedules arise.

· Alerts – This involves automatic sending of reminders to employees regarding changed schedules or any other important information.

· Most of them can be Customized – Different organizations have different requirements.

· Allows for Employees Shift-Swapping – This is another great feature employees can do it only within the manager’s set guidelines.

What then Are the Benefits of Employee Scheduling Software?

1. It brings about increased productivity and efficiency. This comes as a result of strengthened coordination of all employees based on schedule and automated operations, which can save the manager a lot of time.

2. The mobility aspect makes it easy for checking and generating new schedules even if the employees are away.

3. The system predicts workload and the corresponding number of staff, something that is important when planning for future events. For instance, you will be able to estimate the workforce required to meet the high demand during holidays. This is crucial information, especially in the retail industry.

4. There is an overall reduction in the cost of production since the software is automated. In most of the basic operations, the available manpower can always be assigned to other duties, making the entire process economical.

5. It makes it easy for the employees in requesting time offs as everything is done online including the manager’s approval. This is far much better than the manual way in which requests are handwritten or sent via email.

6. Using employee scheduling software simplify most of the HR processes, and with the lowest level of inaccuracy. This is necessary for correct pay calculation and registration of any adjustments.

Keep in mind that proper time management is the key determinant of success in any form of production. Using a scheduling software will, therefore, ensure that everything is achieved as expected.