EZnet Scheduler Review – A Powerful and User-Friendly Scheduling Application


EZnet Scheduler is an affordable online appointment scheduling program, built by Jerry Stabler in 2012. It allows for fast and easy managing of your employees, clients, and resources. It caters specifically to professionals and can be used in any field. The interface is clean and simple, which makes navigating the application easy. While it might look like a simplistic program, it comes with a bunch of integrated features. EZnet Scheduler has the goal of reducing no-shows, increase efficiency, boost revenues, and give more efficient marketing.

The Pros of using EZnet Scheduler

1. Allows for Multiple Users Per Subscription

One of EZnet Scheduler’s main benefits is that it allows multiple users per subscription. It does allow for single users and has three other payment packs depending on the user-base size. While, a lot of scheduling software only allows for one user per subscription, using EZnet Scheduler can definitely save company costs and be a lucrative investment.

2. Customizable

Having the ability to customize the application, can be a benefit for companies that would like to have their own setting and rules. With EZnet Scheduler, you can set it to include business information, such as contracts and time spent used in operation. There is also the ability to set custom reminders for meetings.

3. The Ability to Send Money

With the scheduler, you can set prices per meeting and make the customers pay via the application. Many other scheduling programs do not have this option and would have to rely on using other services.

4. Unlimited Appointments

The scheduler lets the company set up as many appointments as wanted, with any subscription.

5. Easy setup

EZnet Scheduler comes with many templates to fit your specific needs.

6. Secure

The application uses SSL encryption to make sure that all the data is secure and safe with the scheduler.

The Cons of using EZnet Scheduler

1. Limited Integration Options

One of the major downfalls of EZnet Scheduler is its limited support for integrations. EZnet Scheduler integrates only with Ical. So, if you are a user of Outlook or any other software you would like to work together with the scheduler, you, unfortunately, do not have this option.

2. Limited Device Support

EZnet Scheduler can only be used to schedule on computer devices. And, lacks the support the use of mobile devices, that only allows the user to view the schedule. There might not always be an accessible computer around, and when you then can not use your phone for scheduling, it could be a major hindrance.

3. No Feature for Waiting Lists

If your company needs to have the ability to user waiting lists with the software, EZnet Scheduler might not be the best option, as it does not include the feature of waiting lists, which is a preferred feature for many companies

Final Verdict

EZnet Scheduler is a scheduler with many features, that is affordable for companies with many users. However, the lack of support for integrations, and limited device support are definitely big downsides. You will have to look for alternatives if these are essential features. EZnet Scheduler will be best fitted for companies who already use the iCal software and does not need mobile support.