Homebase Employee Scheduling Software Review


Homebase is an excellent staff management tool. It helps managers create effective work schedules for their employees without spending too much time. It also monitors staff hence management can ensure that the shift schedules are followed. Employees, on the other hand, can view work schedules and get regular reminders of their shifts.

The product sold by Pioneer Works Inc. completely automates the employee management process. Monitoring time and costs are greatly reduced as managers can see everything from clock-in time to overtime earned on Homebase. Not only does it not work on all web-based services but iPad and Android as well. It can be accessed from anywhere hence enhancing the management process.

It offers a variety of other features both for the employees and for the management.

Homebase Features for Managers

  • Easy and fast shift scheduling
  • Calculation of Actual and scheduled labor cost as well as comparison of expenses to total sales
  • Regular revenue updates
  • Clock in times and status of all of the staff can be viewed on the application
  • Easy calculation of total earnings per employee including overtime
  • Chats with employees in real time
  • Easy to export and integrate data to payroll
  • Integrates easily with most of the Point of Sale Systems
  • They can view when and if employees checked their schedules
  • Breaks can be monitored as well

Homebase features for Employees

  • Work schedules are available to see
  • They can clock-in to work through Homebase
  • Can be used to request for shift changes and leave days
  • Hours worked and total earnings earned can be viewed on the application
  • Timely shift reminders
  • They can have one on one or group chats with their workmates
  • They can access Homebase on their Cell phones and other mobile devices
  • A time clock is available hence ensuring a common reference point for all staff as well as the management


The software has four pricing plans. These are:

  • Basic Plan which is free
  • Essentials Plan costs $10 per month for every location
  • Plus Plan which costs $30 per month for each location
  • Enterprise Plan which has the most advanced tools. Prices for this are arranged based on specific customer requirements.


  • Fast and easy to set up
  • Easily understandable dashboard
  • Easy to integrate with most Payroll and POS Systems
  • Efficient customer support through Email, Phone, and Chat
  • Immediately detects errors in the schedules
  • Monitors almost every aspect of the employee’s work day
  • Enhances communication within the workplace
  • Affordable pricing


  • Little allowance for customization
  • Occasional difficulties in accessing accounts after installing updates
  • Time Clock not visible on mobile devices
  • The application occasionally has trouble loading

Conclusion & Recommendation

Even though its flaws need to be corrected, Homebase Employee Scheduling Software is incredibly efficient. It saves a lot of time on the creation and correction of work schedules. It is also priced lower than a lot of its competitors allowing you to get standard and additional services at cheaper rates.

Homebase works well for small, medium or large businesses. If you have not tried it yet you should start today. It is a game changer!