Humanity Employee Scheduling Software Review


Humanity software offers businesses a shift planning and employee scheduling scheme that aids staff and managers. Market share competition has created a niche for oriented vendors who deal with (Saas) Software-as-a-Service to create and continually update user interfaces for those who prefer to use phones as work tools. Humanity debuted in January 2016 as a new platform and has immensely soared as scheduling software. We seek to review an overview of the software, its features, pricing and its overall viability.

Why Humanity Scheduling Software?

Managers and employees can customize their tools and efficiently organize their workforce using this software. Its numerous features enable a robust scheduling such as filling shifts depending on staff skill levels.


Clients can choose a suitable plan for their needs and test the software with a free 30 days trial without using their credit cards. Humanity offers both a monthly and annual billing. There are three available plans namely:

Starter plan at $2 per user; suitable for simple scheduling demands. • Classic plan at $3 per user; most businesses prefer this payment mode.
Enterprise plan at $6 per user; suitable for larger firms. Humanity offers bigger companies with more than 1000 employees’ flexible and customized billing rates complete with around-the-clock assistance.


Humanity features include the following:
• Employee self-service
• A well organized and minimized UI
• Mobile applications
• Forecasts
• Mobile responsive website
• Automated scheduling functions

Humanity’s Dashboard

Their UI is the first noticeable part. Their main menu has narrow left-hand columns for the icons. Managers and employees logging with their phones can swipe left to access functions hiding on the far right-hand size. Upon clicking, services expand to display descriptions. Other features include a clock, and information regarding shifts, time off and summation of worked hours and pay period among other information.

The main modules include locations, positions, and workplace for managing and adding employees, schedules, calendars and an app messaging service. The package also features payroll integration, absence management, attendance and other scheduling software.

Auto Scheduling and Management

Humanity connected with other nine software platforms enabling them to set up an auto-scheduling feature. Schedulers can input their shifts timing and match the data against sales data. Among the services provided include a 24hour customer service with a helpdesk, live chat, an online forum, and FAQs.

Humanity’s setup wizard helps clients in set up, support and tutorials all through the program. The company offers integration with payroll software’s such as QuickBooks and ADP to save a manager’s time when paying employees. You can start up the system by filling in employee positions and information. The clear interface makes it easier to schedule programs in a faster means.

Employee Access

Humanity enables employees to set up their schedules through app or browser. Employees, therefore, get opportunities to bid on open shifts and swap shifts. They can also log in anytime to update changes concerning their shifts and ask for time-off requests without being physically being present at work.

Software Additions

Humanity added a new system for adding new employees and keeping existing employees updated on company happenings. The new feature also allows administrators to add quizzes and courses to their system. An iOS tablet-based app is also in use to ensure employees clock in rather than cheating the system. The app connects to the overall HR and administrative people, ensuring proper scheduling and managing.

Bottom Line

Humanity software models the trend regarding shift schedules and how they have progressed. All these are achievable owing from its looks, creative driven features, the creation of forecasts and automatic scheduling. It ensures control, flexibility and more opportunity to ensure a smooth running of their subscribed companies. For employers and employees who intend to assess this software, I must say it is a must-have item for employee and manager usage.