List of Top Employee Scheduling Software


Are you looking for the best employee scheduling software or are you worried about where to get such useful information? Below is a description of the best 6 of such software, so let’s have a look.

1. The UltiPro

This is one of the best scheduling tools for employees’ management. With the UltiPro software, an organization can always process payrolls fast and accurately, enhances employee learning and development as well as conducting in-depth surveys plus their analysis.

2. Appointy

This simple scheduling software has been designed to make your daily activities easier. This is why most business organizations have always associated it with improved growth and a high level of performance. Appointy software gives you the opportunity of accepting appointments or even prepayments from different people online.

In addition, this powerful tool can let you send customized SMS or email reminders as well as integrating with various social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook and Google Calendar. Above all, Appointy fits any business organization regardless of size as opposed to other options with only limited slots.

3. Homebase

Not only Homebase is an effective employee scheduling application, but it also ensures that much of your time is saved on a daily basis. Just like other scheduling software, Homebase also has a lot to offer. For instance, it has various online tools and mobile applications which the manager and employees can always use in scheduling a number of daily business activities.

4. Findmyshift

This is also another incredible option for those who are looking forward to a wonderful employee scheduling experience. What impresses me with most of these apps is the fact that each one of them comes with at least a uniqueness of its kind. Findmyshift lets you plan faster as you can always use the “drag & drop” scheduling functionality.

Furthermore, text messaging and sending reports as well as unlimited access are also popular with the Findmyshift option. You also need to keep in mind that the supported number of staff is unlimited and the first month is also free of charge.

5. RotaCloud

If you are looking for a faster and easier way of preparing your duty rosters and communicating with your staff, then RotaCloud ensures that everything is always possible. Apart from just viewing records of attendance, you can also send shift notifications to all staff just by a single click of a button.

6. The Calamari Leave Management System

With Calamari software, there is no need of worrying about the size of your business as it fits everywhere, ranging from small, medium to large. It ensures that the task of managing your business is as easy as possible. For example, this software helps in planning and monitoring all forms of vacation, including even a sickness leave.

Additionally, Calamari system can work even in companies with offices in multiple countries since it is cloud-based and with a trustworthy web security. It is also integrated with project management tools like JIRA & G Suite, and many more.

You can now join the rest of your competitors in enjoying technology as the key driver in your business management. The world flies, so should you!