Review of BookedIN Scheduling Software


BookedIN is a software application made for professionals and small business enterprises to manage client appointments and allow clients to book meetings by themselves online. This software is efficient and accurate. The business management is likely to know how busy their day or week will be depending on the number of clients who have booked. BookedIN could work better for businesses like hair salons, massage therapists, clinics, psychologists/counselors, tattoo shops among others. This article will do a BookedIN scheduling software review, explaining its features, pros, cons, pricing, and comparison with other scheduling software.

How BookedIN works

The business signs up for free on the BookedIN website and fill up the following: business name, username, email address and set a password. It then updates their its email, time zone, and location. BookedIN has a 30-day free trial period.


1) Payment options

Payments can be made through PayPal and other major cards. BookedIN allows its clients to take a deposit, make partial or full payments either before or after the appointment. After the payments, an automatic receipt is generated. There is a tip for prompt payers.

2) Marketing

An automatic online page is opened by BookedIN whenever a new business decides to use their scheduling software. Furthermore, it ranks websites on the Google search tool. This way, the business is likely to get new clients.

3) Flexible “Book Now” button

This button on the business website or Facebook and Twitter pages directly links clients to the BookedIN site to book for services immediately.

4) Mobile app

BookedIN has an app compatible with both Android and iOS.

5) BookedIN is used internationally yet the founders are from Canada. This is the reason why a new business signing into BookedIN must choose its time zone.


1) Using BookedIN is simple to most clients since it is intuitive.
2) Tabs, buttons, and windows are clearly distinguishable.
3) New business enterprises can register within a minute.
4) User accounts can be created for those who are allowed to access it to schedule, book appointments or change settings.
5) Free marketing. BookedIN gives a business an online presence that could go a long way in attracting new clients for this business. This, therefore, is also a marketing tool.
6) The BookedIN button can easily be integrated into Facebook, a blog post or some other website.
7) Clients love online booking since it saves time that would have been wasted queuing.


1) BookedIN cannot book multiple people for one-time slots.
2) A business client is directed to the BookedIN web page rather than the business website.
3) The web page for the business cannot be customized.
4) BookedIN does not generate reports of revenue or appointments.


BookedIN has a 30-day free trial period. The monthly rate currently for one calendar is $24 if paid for a whole year, otherwise is $29. Three other pricing plans are available depending on the number of calendars that you will purchase. The first five appointments per month are always free.

Comparing BookedIN with other scheduling software

BookedIN has a higher approval rating compared to Microsoft Bookings. It is more or less similar to Setmore only that BookedIN has video tutorials while Setmore does not.

In conclusion, whereas BookedIN provides easier and more detailed scheduling software, it is considered a little bit higher priced and less ‘customizable.’ BookedIN can also be relied on to market businesses that schedule with it, though on a smaller scale.