Review of TrackSmart Employee Scheduling Software


Time is an important factor for businesses. Every business that uses TrackSmart Employee Scheduling Software wants to save time scheduling the work timetable of its staff. It also helps that the staff can access this online scheduling software on the web or their smartphones or tablets anytime, anywhere. This software was designed in the knowledge that employers get tired of receiving calls from their employees just to tell them what shift they are on.

At the end of the day, employers are free to use their time for more important things than handling something as trivial as a recurring employee work schedule. Some of the features of this application include:

1. Daily, Weekly or Monthly Calendar View
The work schedule can be prepared for a period as long as one month. Employees can have a view of what shift they be would be on in a month’s time. This allows employees to plan and help prevent the distraction of someone asking for a sudden day off.

2. Automatic & Manual Scheduling
You can decide to schedule your employees work timetable manually or automatically. Using the auto-scheduler tool, you can have schedules generated in a matter of seconds.

3. Time-off Requests and Approvals
Nothing is left to chance with this feature. Employees can request for time-off in advance having seen their work schedule. It also affords the employer the option of having the request for a time-off approved. You can view when an employee would take a time-off in future and how many has been taken in the past.

4. Easy Shift Swapping
With employees knowing their work schedules ahead of time, they may arrange swaps between themselves. For you the employer, you are assured that come what may, your business would never be understaffed. More importantly, you get to approve or deny a swap request.

5. Labor Law Compliant Break Rules
All you need to do is set up the break rules. This application would do the rest of adding it automatically to the shifts, so you do not bother yourself whether your schedule is legally compliant.

6. Detailed Schedule & Payroll Reporting
At the end of a pay period, you can run a very detailed report with the aid of the time clock data which was approved by the managers or supervisors.

7. Labor Cost Tracking
This feature keeps you updated, so you do not overshoot your budget for labor. The labor budget report informs you of what your workforce costs you in total. This would help you manage your labor costs.

8. Mobile and Tablet App Scheduling
Once you download the app on your smartphone or tablet, you can schedule employee shifts from anywhere on your mobile.

9. Email & Text (SMS) Messaging
You can always communicate effectively with your employees with this feature. It also allows you to communicate directly with an employee.

10. Dashboard for Team Communication
The dashboard is user-friendly and allows for a seamless communication among teams.

This hassle-free scheduling software helps you generate schedules conveniently while taking note of your employees’ availability. This is why lots of business make use of this application.