Square Appointments Online Scheduling Software Review


Square appointments online scheduling software is an appointment scheduler that allows customers to set their appointments and staff members schedule their meetings. The software is part of a large integrated platform meant to address broad requirements of the business. With it, it is possible for a business owner to sign up for bookmarking features without buying the whole platform. That said here are more reviews of the software.

Email marketing

This software allows the business owner leverage the same customer base he’s built through his bookings and sales functionality. This is because he can send to his customer’s coupons, announcements and welcomes on criteria basis. Additionally, his template selection will be limited to seasonal and classic option as he’ll be able to edit the template elements. However, he’ll be limited to adding and subtracting them.


Square used to process payments before acquiring the Bookfresh program. Thus if the business owner is planning to take payments through his booking program, he can leverage this software’s expertise in that area. No additional monthly fee would be charged for the use of the sale services. But a 2.75% cut will be taken for online, invoice or swipe transaction and 3.75% for each of keyed-in transaction.


Square Appointments security policy is what a company owner would expect if his business is known to hold sensitive information and transfer payments. This is because the software can adhere to security standards of PCI encryption features and network segregation. The software will enable a trusted transaction between the business owner and his customers by making secure payments as simple as possible. Additionally, it will monitor every transaction to detect any suspicious behavior from the time the transaction is processed to the time is settled.


This software is simple and interactive for it operates much the same way as Google calendar whereby the user will have the option of syncing for the day, week or monthly views. He’ll be able to book blocks of time as personal events or appointments by clicking on the calendar. Thus giving him the opportunity to decide whether or not his customers would need his approval in confirming their appointments or whether to provide them the option of rescheduling on their own.

Customer booking

Booking from a client perspective will extremely be easier. This is because from his booking site he’ll simply need to select the appointment type or a particular service and choose a time slot that is available and enter his contact information. The system is responsive enough as SMS confirmation will come within seconds of appointment booking.


Integrated functionality

Users who’ve taken advantage of payment processing system and other features this software has to offer deemed it to be good.

Ease of use

This software is remarkably easier to use


The software was designed initially for mobile devices. Thus everything it provides is available on the go as an application or a peripheral.



It is an expensive software.


As part of a large merchant services platform, Square appointments provides well established small businesses everything they would need in running their digital infrastructure at a reasonable price.