WhenToWork Review: Employee Scheduling Software


Workforce management is one of the biggest and time-consuming jobs that is to be done to improve the productivity and performance of the organization. The whole process gets messier especially if the employees work in shifts and rotational time-off days. Dealing with the general leaves and unplanned absenteeism could be a mammoth task too, which may even affect the overall scheduling of manpower.

WhenToWork Employer Scheduling Software helps in handling the entire manpower without any waste of time. It helps cut down on the idle time or unproductive lapses due to the absence of any employee, thus helps in achieving the overall target more effectively.


WhenToWork works by accumulating all the necessary details of an employee and helps to keep track of them on a real-time basis. Managers can create and update schedule which can be seen as a notification at their subordinates’ end.

The employees can have variable access according to their hierarchy and can apply for leaves through the software. Even an unplanned leave due to any special circumstances can also be handled, as a replacement can be notified immediately. Moreover, the total man-hours or total cost-heads could be calculated effectively through the user interface.


As evident, the software is quite capable of handling most of the tasks when it comes to assigning a job schedule. It also helps in improving the communication between different levels of employees. The software can be easily integrated among all the employees to correspond via email and mobile device. Anyone applying for leave or want to trade shift could be approved or rejected on a real-time basis, thus making the whole process faster.


Though the product can accomplish a lot of tasks which are mostly appreciated by its users, there are negative feedback as well about it. Some of the users found the administrative side of the user interface quite difficult to manage. There was also a few complaints about the support system which some of the users found to unresponsive or too slow.


The overall pricing of the product is quite user-friendly with the lowest plan starting from $15 a month for managing a team of 1-10 employees, which offers a total cost of $100 if someone chooses to buy a yearlong subscription.

The price is escalated as the number of employees increases to 200 and is available at $720 for a one-year plan. For more than 200 employees, one should contact the enterprise to find out the exact cost to be incurred for obtaining the license for a said amount of time.


There are quite a few alternatives to WhenToWork software such as Humanity, Ximble, TrackSmart, Homebase, etc, which can perform a similar task, but none can beat the former according the range of tasks and cost-effectiveness.


WhenToWork software is a smart and effective tool in maintaining and handling small or large workforce with almost negligible error or confusion. The chances of any mismanagement or overlapping of work timing is almost nil.

Additionally, the real-time tracking of requests and schedules and mobile device support reduces the chances of indiscipline among employees. Lengthy approval process for granting leaves and time-offs are also reduced which improves the productivity of the employees effectively.