Ximble Employee Scheduling Software Review


Scheduling is an important factor for every company, especially when dealing with a big number of clients and you need to keep track with your time. That is why scheduling software was created to make it simpler to organize your appointments and your time.

Take Ximble or example. It is a powerful feature-rich scheduling software that operates on a subscription of $1 per month if paid annually. One dollar is not that great of a deal, and to be quite honest in comparison with other subscription-based software, this is as low as it gets because you are guaranteed technical support 24/7 for the software that you own/buy.

It also offers you the possibility to test the software for 30 days without paying. After that, if you are satisfied you may subscribe to use the software every month by paying just $1.10 ($1 per month for an annual subscription).

Seamless integration

The key feature that is present in the Ximble scheduling software is its ability to integrate with other tools that you might use to manage your company:

· BambooHR, which is an online HR software, can be integrated with the software to manage employees

· QuickBooks can be synchronized with Ximble to take care of payroll, inventory and other administrative tasks

· EPSON is also supported as it helps the company to keep track of products and future releases

These are just a few of the tools which can be integrated with Ximble. From all this, we can say that its main feature is the ability to keep it all under just one roof. Instead of having to maintain 8 applications for 8 different requirements, you may integrate them into the scheduling software, and thus centralize all of it from a single user interface.

Mobility at its finest

The trend is to have an app for everything so that you can manage and use your smartphone just like your computer.

Ximble understood the request and launched a mobile app for Android and iPhone for the businessman who keeps traveling and must be kept up to speed with events and schedules all the time.

From the smartphone application, the scheduling software will be able to manage your employee time. Also, you can build and update schedules on the fly, change time zones by using your phone’s GPS to track the city you are in. Moreover, you may send push notifications to your screen to alert you of any changes or upcoming appointments that you must take care of.

This is its strong point because there aren’t a lot of business-based scheduling software out there that can handle that much from a simple smartphone application.

Flexible with you

Because you need to be able to shift from a meeting to an appointment, to a booking, and then to a different business even, Ximble can go with you along with other types of industries such as restaurant, healthcare, educational services, retail markets and many more.